Op 27/04/2018 om 10:23 schreef Jochen Merz via Ql-Users:
Hello to Everybody on the list,

I don't know why, but it seems I dropped out of the list end of January.

Which means, I missed some of the sad news (like Sjef's death) :-(

My wife and I suffered from one of worst flu's we remember for about 2 months in total, so I did not notice that there were no news ...

I had the chance to speak to Stuart Honeyball on the phone a few days before he died, thanks to his wife Karin, which has been a very sad call. What a great person he was! I hope I will find the time to go through my memories and write something ...

EU-GDRP compliance ... made me stop all my QL activies and shutting down all the websites. I will display a "thank you for the great times we had" until 24th of May, then delete everything completely. The rules and information requiries forced by the EU are just too silly and the fines are too high. Even websites which show information only require detailed data protection rules.

I have already spoken to Marcel ... I will forward him sources and manuals when I find the time.

We have had bad news here either, the most recent being that last week my wife's father died suddenly and her mother cannot stay at home alone, actually cannot be left alone. I do not want to go into detail, but we're looking forward to many many problems.

Anyway, I just wanted to report that my software will not be lost ... but I definitely need time to sort things.

Best regards    Jochen

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Hi Jochen,

Sad news indeed. Condolences for your wife's father.

Now that you seem to leave the QL, it is time for me to thank you not only for the software but also for the excellent service and help you have provided all those years!

Kind regards,

François Van Emelen

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