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It appears that, on an error, QDOS doesnt return here at all!


> Under SMSQ/E it may return an error (IMEM), but the error code is not
> always set! That implies that you could get a wrong result, depending on
> what was in D0 before the call.

I've tested this earlier using this code on SMSQmulator:

result   dc.l     0
         move.l   #16*1024*1024,D1
         move.w   $11a,a2
         jsr      (a2)
         lea      result(pc),a1
         move.l   d0,(a1)
         moveq    #0,d0

When loading this into RESPR and then doing CALL base+4 I get an
'insufficient memory' error. But PEEK_L(base) returns 0 so the code never
got to the point where it stores the result.


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