François Van Emelen via Ql-Users wrote:
> 110  REMark Why does 'dmedium_rdonly(\dev$) return 0 instead of 1
> 120  REMark Why does 'dmedium_type(\dev$) return -1 instead of 3

Because I didn't implement special support for this.

The DOS device generally doesn't care if the directory you point it to
is on a CD or on a network share on the other side of the planet, it's
just some directory.

Native QDOS driver usually must know the medium type or read-only
state anyway, so they can just fill that in. For virtual devices like
DOS additional efforts are needed and even then the data is hard to
come by.

> 130  REMark Why does 'line 240  return  -23  WITH qpc2 (which seems 
> correc)t BUT -7 with SMSQMULATOR

Probably Wolfgang just didn't write special code for this error case.
This could be considered a minor bug.

Cheers, Marcel

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