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Can someone tell me why the return values in this small prog are different from those found in the SMQS/E SBASIC/SuperBASIC Reference Manual Online Documentation Release 4.0.1 by Rich Mellor and why QPC2 and SMSQMULATOR sometimes return different values as in line 240?
Am I using these functions incorrectly? If so, can someone correct me?

100 OPEN_OVER#3,'ram2_rdonly_txt'
110  REMark Why does 'dmedium_rdonly(\dev$) return 0 instead of 1
120  REMark Why does 'dmedium_type(\dev$) return -1 instead of 3
130  REMark Why does 'line 240  return  -23  WITH qpc2 (which seems correc)t BUT -7 with SMSQMULATOR
140  dev$='dos3_' :d$=DATE$  :datad_temp$=DATAD$
150 REMark DOS3_   is an external USB CD DRIVE
160 DATA_USE 'dos3_'
170  fichier$=dev$&d$
180 WHEN ERRor
210 d= FTEST(dev$)
220 IF d<0:CLOSE#3:DELETE 'ram2_rdonly_txt' :DATA_USE datad_temp$:STOP:END IF
230 f=FOP_NEW(fichier$):
240  PRINT#3,240,' f=fop_new(fichier$) = ',f
250  PRINT#3,250,'dmedium_rdonly(\dev$) = '; DMEDIUM_RDONLY(\dev$),'rdonly'
260  PRINT#3,260,'dmedium_type(\dev$) = ', DMEDIUM_TYPE(\dev$),'type'
270  PRINT#3,270,'dmedium_name$(\dev$) = ', DMEDIUM_NAME$(\dev$) ,'name'
280   CLOSE#3
290 DATA_USE datad_temp$  :PAUSE

Thanks for reading this,
François Van Emelen

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