On QDOS/SMSQ reference manual (Section 7) I've fond the following

Each file is assumed to have a 64-byte header (the logical beginning of
file is set to byte 64, not byte zero).
This header should be formatted as follows:

$00 long file length
$04 byte file access key (used by third parties software)
$05 byte file type
$06 8 bytes file type-dependent information
$0E 2+36 bytes file name
$34 long update date [EXT,DD2]
$38 word version number [DD2]
$3A word reserved
$3C long backup date [DD2]

File access key .... what is that?
File type   dependant info  ..as above
word reserved......for what?
Backup date?????

other question...where is the dataspace? maybe the "File type   dependant

thanks in advance

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