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Hi There This morning I installed Disk Mate 5 on MY Version of LaunchPad2 it Runs OK But When you Launch it it comes up with a Red Box with RAC when I Press C key on my Keyboard Runs Like A dream can any on help me Fix That Tiny Error

There are two known problems with DM5.
When started it complains about the date.
Use ESC to ignore it. Don't try to fix the date, it will produce an error.

It also uses some FileInfo2 keywords: FEX, FEX_W, FEXF, FEX_W(), FEXF(), FEX$. These conflict with SMSQ/E and are possibly switched off in your FI2 and while the replacements FI2_CALL can be used.
So if DM5 tries to use FEX it cannot be found.

My way around this was to patch the keywords to FFX in both DM5 and FI2 and switch them on again. Hopefully no other tool uses the old keywords and no tool uses this new keyword. Sadly the FI2 database is part of the same _bin so this patch needs to be done to the current _bin or the whole extensions database needs to be done again.


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