OK Thank you Derek  my email is simon...@sky.com OK Thank's Again Derek Simon 

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I have extracted most of tge Menu definitions screens and was going to rewrite 
DM5 based on the usage of the compiled version.

I seem to have a little lull in hardware work. So I will revisit this personal 

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>Op Tue, 26 Feb 2019 12:29:17 +0100 schreef simon629--- via Ql-Users  
>> Hi There This morning I installed Disk Mate 5 on MY Version of  
>> LaunchPad2 it Runs OK But When you Launch it it comes up with a Red
>> with RAC when I Press C key on my Keyboard  Runs Like A dream  can
>> on help me Fix That Tiny Error
>There are two known problems with DM5.
>When started it complains about the date.
>Use ESC to ignore it. Don't try to fix the date, it will produce an
>It also uses some FileInfo2 keywords: FEX, FEX_W, FEXF, FEX_W(),
>These conflict with SMSQ/E and are possibly switched off in your FI2
>while the replacements FI2_CALL can be used.
>So if DM5 tries to use FEX it cannot be found.
>My way around this was to patch the keywords to FFX in both DM5 and FI2
>and switch them on again. Hopefully no other tool uses the old keywords
>and no tool uses this new keyword.
>Sadly the FI2 database is part of the same _bin so this patch needs to
>done to the current _bin or the whole extensions database needs to be
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