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Is it possible to have a user area in BP or QLE so user specific
software can be installed.

I use a Linux system, which I have my home directory on a separate
partition from the system files.

So I can change Linux OS without altering the user data.

Could these QL distros use this type of system setup.

Only Suggestion I can offer as an aid to situations like this.

Create a directory where you keep copies of the programs you install.
Think of it as a single repository of 'What I need to put back if I
have to'.  I do this with windows PC also. Does help when it eventually
needs re-installed having them all in one place saves seeking 'where
did I put that'.  Also simplifys backups

Paul Holmgren
I am outraged, at the perceived outrage,
of this latest outrage,
of this outrageous PC fueled outrage.

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