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Can someone confirm what happens in line 220?

In a menu created with Easaymenu (Easyptr) there is a Loose Item to allow the menu to be moved.

Configuration A: the key for that Loose Item is CRTL E, seems to be the default value.

Configuration B: I replaced the default key with value 77 (‘M’) for Move.


200 SELect on ObjectHit

205 = -1:Remark do something

210 = -2:Remark do something

215 =- 3:Remark this is the move Loose Item

220 :Remark do something


With Configuration A, WM_movemode 0,1,2,3 can be used but line 220 is never executed. Why?

With Configuration B, line 220 is executed but only WM_movemode 0 (the old way, using the “move window” sprite) is available. Why?

Is this a feature, a bug or am I missing something?

Help and explanation are welcome.

François Van Emelen

In A. the Move window call is trapped by the system, so it never reaches line 220. In B. you need to add the instruction to move the window, for example WMOV. This gives you the opportunity to carry out other stuff before and after the the move instruction. The standard key for this is CF4, tho'.

WMOV has evolved over the years, so make sure youre using the latest version of ptrmen_cde to get the best. Get it directly from Marcel's.

On my Knoware.no site, for example, there are a number of PE programs with source code included. They show a variety of ways you can do this.


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Hi Per,

Thanks for your reply.

In my programme WMOW is of course present in line 215. Yes of course, in A. the call is trapped by the system. As for B. I'll have to investigate further. WM_MOVEMODE not working correctly is perhaps due to the menu itself created a long time ago with an older version of Easyptr.

Of course, your site is not unknown to me: I visited it more than once.

Thanks for your comments!

François Van Emelen

As Bob mentioned, you should use WMOV#ch; -1. This is supposed to work, but perhaps only with more recent versions of the ptrmen_cde toolkit. The current version is 4.10. However, sometimes EP reverts to the old Wmov method for reasons that are not always obvious (to me, at least). When this happens, it is usually because I did something wrong, ie some bug in my code. Good hunting!


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