Hi Jason,

The Q60 was batch produced from 2002 till 2005, where there seemed no more 
demand for the Q60 at that time.

The Q60 and Q40i was produced in board option and could be supplied  built into 
PC AT Midi Tower Case.

The Q40i was an enhanced Q40 that could have 128K ram, which differentiated 
from the Qbranch Q40.

For the amount of Q60 boards and complete systems buuilt and sold, there was no 
failures. It is wonder batch run was so successful, with all the adverse QL 
media attention. See the QL-USERS mailing list history and QL Today scanned 
magazines for more information on this.

The boards and parts that Peter talks about are the Q40 boards donated by Tony 
Firshman with many faults, I gave to s German QL group for possible repairs. 
But this maybe highly unlikely due the bad construction and suspect parts 
supplied by the previous supplier.

I have some Q60 boards that I built in 2003, but due an article in QL Today 
about 68060 CPU mask numbers, many Q60 owners removed the heat sink on the CPU 
to read the CPU Mask code. However, the problem is they did not fit the heat 
sink correctly, causing damage to the CPU.

I did consider building more Q60 boards, as I sold all the Q60s and did not 
have one for myself. So I may do a limited production of the Q60 board in the 

Currently, the Q68 is main production model.


On 12 June 2020 13:36:19 BST, Jason Stevens via Ql-Users 
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>I realize I'm 19 years late to the party, but does these boards exist
>anymore?  How hard would it be to get them made again?
>I've been interested in a "Legacy" 68040/68060 based machine, and it
>certainly feels that instead of ancient machines something 'new' might
>more feasible..  Although these are circa 2001, so kind of legacy into
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