Hi John,

yes, that is quite interesting. I see that there are some mentions of
the QL... Thanks for sharing.


>  On a slight aside I've been talking to Carsten Strotmann a Forth and 68K 
> retro machine aficionado 
> He runs a website dedicated to the 68K and has a meeting once a month on a 
> developer orientated topic!
> https://m68k.info/
> There is a lot of work going on for the 68K in general ... if any one is 
> interested in doing a talk I'm sure he'll more than consider it!
> Failing that you may just want to visit and see what's going on !
> Hope that's interesting for at least a few of you guys!
> John Alexander
>     On Tuesday, 17 November 2020, 19:07:19 GMT, Marcel Kilgus via Ql-Users 
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>  Wolfgang Lenerz via Ql-Users wrote:
>> I also saw your info about the MOD player, I haven't had a chance to try
>> this yet on SMSQmulator, you experince there seems to have been, ah,
>> sub-optimal...
> While I just tried to make a demonstration video of it I chanced upon
> the menu item "Sound volume" and checked it out. It was set to 50 for
> some reason, which not only made the sound a lot quieter but also
> added a lot of distortion. Probably because it's VERY quiet, much less
> than 50%, more like 10%.
> When set to 100 SMSQmulator sounds a *lot* better, more or less like
> QPC, only a lot louder. A setting of 90 for some reason is about as
> loud as QPC and still sounds good.
> One more thing: after starting SMSQmulator fresh it currently doesn't
> work at all. The MOD player plays like 30 times faster than real time
> but no sound comes out. The second song selected afterwards works
> however.
> Cheers, Marcel
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