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> In case anyone is not following the thread at QL Forum, you might, possibly, 
> maybe, perhaps be interested to know that there is some work ongoing to bring 
> the Free Pascal Compiler to the QL.
> This was started as a sort of joke project back in QLVember (I hate those 
> made up "month" names!) but Marcel, myself and a few others have been doing 
> some work with "Chain-Q", the instigator, and we are slowly bringing an up to 
> date Pascal compiler to the QL.
> Well, it's a cross compiler actually, but the executables it generates can 
> indeed be executed on the QL/QPC/etc. Dare I mention, we get Object Oriented 
> programming now? (Don't tell Tony Tebby!)
> If you wish to follow along, the thread is at 
> and I have created a document 
> for Linux users in order to show the processes and software required to build 
> the cross compiler, and brief notes on how to use it. The document is at 
> and this 
> link will always take you to the latest version.
> The document is written from a Linux point of view as that is what I'm using. 
> If anyone wants to pick it up and run with it on Windows, I'd be grateful for 
> any nots etc that you may have on the matter so that I can bring it up to 
> date for Windows users too.
> Anyone using MacOS? That might also be helpful.
> The compiler is in an early state at the moment, but we do have simple 
> programs working. I'm currently writing/building/testing (and repeat!) the 
> SysUtils unit to get that working.
> Cheers,
> Norm.
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