> SMSQE works as expected
> but not as Qlib Job

Without checking by actually tracing a call to INSTR from within a Qlib job, I believe that this probably is one incompatibility between SMSQE and QDOS/Qlib.

To honour the INSTR_CASE, SMSQE checks a flag, namely the SBasic variable sb_cinst (=$b0) (see smsq_sbas_iexpr_asm, label b_instr) which is set by INSTR_CASE.

However, in QDOS, the SuperBasic variable at $b0 is "bv_tkpos", which contains something else entirely, namely "Position of A4 in tklist on entry to PROC". If Qlib correctly mimicks SuperBasic, it probably overwrites the flag at $b0 with the correct value for Superbasic between the INSTR_CASE keyword and the INSTR.

This difference (and others) between QDOS and SMSQ/E Basic variables is not documented (yet) in the SMSQ/E reference guide, but can be seen form the keys_sbasic file in the SMSQ/E sources. I will include something in the next version of the reference guide.

Season's greetings to everyone!

Probably because Qlib doesnt know that there are two different instr routines in SMSQ/E. The INSTR keyword is part of the S*BASIC language; it isnt like a toolkit function, so Qlib probably calls this routine directly which, unlike SBASIC's keyword, doesnt check the sb_cinst flag before execution.

It could probably easily be fixed, but it still wouldnt work on a Qdos machine as the underlying code isnt there.

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