On 25/12/2021 14:29, Wolf via Ql-Users wrote:
Hi all,

SMSQmulator 2.33 is out now.

Just a small bugfix release, notably for the NFA device, which is now marked as a format type 4.


Season's Greetings to all!

Thank you!

Now for the dumb questions:

When I follow the link on your website to check for latest Java update I only ever get shown V8.xx.xx updates. You write on your website that SMSQmulator V2.33 will be the last for Java 8, so I want to be ahead of the curve. Also, as you will know from our correspondence, Im having unresolvable "issues" with SMSQmulator on Windows 11, so Im hoping these can eventually be resolved by trying a different Java.

But I cant see Java V11 anywhere on the java.com website.  So I uninstalled Java V8 and tried again; still only V8 on offer. Digging a bit further I find there is a Java 17 out there. This is what Oracle seems to want us to download on starting from scratch now.

So, what do I do?

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