I use OpenJDK 11 or 8, version 11 is running on the Linux laptop.

I do not use Windows as I fo not want to pay for the licence. Linux does all I 
require, without the constant attension to virus checkers.

I also do not want to buy nee hardware to run Windows 11, whi h maybe as bad as 
Windows 10.

SMSQmulator rin very smoothely on a Core i7 based computer, only needs 4Gb to 

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>I only use openjdk.
>The reason I refer people to the java.com or oracle's site is that they 
>have executable files which will do the install for you.
>If you want to use openjdk, you need to download the zip file (from 
>https://jdk.java.net/17/) and unzip it, set one or two environment 
>variables to point to where you unzipped it, and then set the file 
>association between .jar files and java....
>> DId you do any testing with OpenJDK? Oracle’s JDK has had some licensing 
>> difficulities over the last 10-15 years.
>> otis
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