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    On Thursday, 6 October 2022, 07:34:13 BST, Urs Koenig (QL) via Ql-Users 
<> wrote:  
 Dilwyn wrote:
> I've issued the first update to my Launchpad v2 package for nearly a

That's awesome, Dilwyn!

I will definitely give it a try this QL season (Oct-Mar) when weather is
right (cold, wet), life allows and my mood is for QL exploration.

Chances are there that Launchpad makes in into the next release of QL/E.
Fingers crossed.

QL forever!

P.S. Website is up again, after the gold old smallish hosting
company sold their webhosting busyness to the Swiss market leader. Even they
migrated the files and hosting settings, only the website worked
after the migration. After intense back and forth with their (very helpful)
support, all my websites are back.

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