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> Feedback welcome!

Here you are :-)

Good ideas:  Adding section "Glossary"  and splitting  "Using QMapShack"
into sections "Basic Usage"  and "Advanced Usage"  (my preferred titles,
though I'm open for discussion).  The main task remaining then is to de-
cide which topics  covered anywhere  in the current section "Using QMap-
Shack" are basic and which are advanced.

Bad idea: Converting the linear  table of contents ("DocMain.md") into a
hierarchical structure.  I really don't see any benefits in keeping "the
contents list in  DocMain.md short".   After all,  scrolling down a page
(regardless of whether  you are doing it via  your mouse's scroll wheel,
via pressing the space bar or the "Page Down" key,  or via operating the
browser's scroll bar with the mouse) is an operation which is by magnit-
udes less expensive  than opening several  new pages by  clicking on the
corresponding links.

Adapting my scripts to such a hierarchical structure is doable but isn't
trivial.  Scripts "DocFix.sh", "NavBar.sh",  and "HtmlMake.py" are norm-
ally run from the makefile on only those files requiring it.  So the re-
cursion has to be implemented via recursive makefiles, and that requires
keeping the "*.md" files themselves  in a directory tree  reflecting ex-
actly the hierarchical structure of the new table of contents.

Script "LinkCheck.sh"  would require  to use  the "find"  command rather
than just "*.md" and to explicitly avoid directory "playground/".

These are just  my first thoughts  about implementation ...  as a German
proverb is saying: "Der Teufel steckt im Detail" :-)


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