On Sat, 29 Jul 2000, Patrick Lambert wrote:

> compromised by big corporations or governments. Some recent
> examples include the recent survey results that showed over 50%
> of corporations in the USA check their employees Internet usage
> and e-mails, the Carnivore system from the FBI, aimed at checking
> e-mails for potential criminal activity, and the UK law that
> would force the ISPs to send all e-mails from everyone to the
> government. This is without even talking about the many crackers

AFAIK, (and I could be wrong about this), the UK law also has a section
about PGP, making it a felony to NOT produce your PGP key on demand. 

   The Bill means the UK government - specifically the Home Office and
   Home Secretary Jack Straw - can demand encryption keys to any and all
   data communications, with a prison sentence of two years for those who
   do not comply with the order.

(source "http://uk.news.yahoo.com/000728/101/aedvu.html")"

Most email transmitted now doesn't require PGP protection, (or warrant it). I
know that with the amount of email I get in a day, I wouldn't want the
extra overhead of having to decrypt it all.

just my $0.02

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