It looks like to me a bad smtp session, was this created manually?  or by
some mailer?

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From: Craig L. Ching [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Monday, July 31, 2000 10:38 AM
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Subject: Not receiving mail sent through smtpd


Thanks for the help on this so far, the pointers have really helped me
understand qmail.  I've nailed down the problem, but I still don't know how
to resolve it.  Basically, the clue was in my qmail-send logs.  Here's an
example of what I'm seeing:

@400000003981b5cf1637e39c new msg 12548
@400000003981b5cf16432284 info msg 12548: bytes 2104 from <> qp 12047 uid
-----------------------------------------------------------|  Nothing here

@400000003981b5cf16d538f4 starting delivery 3956: msg 12548 to local
Nothing here.

@400000003981b5cf16e3c39c status: local 1/10 remote 0/20
@400000003981b5cf1ba4fcfc delivery 3956: success: did_0+0+2/
@400000003981b5cf1bb890b4 status: local 0/10 remote 0/20
@400000003981b5cf1bbea364 end msg 12548

Does this look familiar to anyone?  Thanks for all the help!


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