On Mon, Jul 31, 2000 at 10:28:29AM -0500, Craig L. Ching wrote:
! Thanks, I'll give that a shot!  Now, the TEST.receive example looks nothing
! like this.

Sure it does! That document skimped out on writing ``mail from:'' and
``rcpt to:'' fully, but does have a note later on saying ``(Note for
programmers: Most SMTP servers need more text after MAIL and RCPT.
See RFC 821.)''. ``ehlo'' is defined in RFC 1869, but for qmail-smtpd
behaves almost identically to ``helo''.

Other than those, how different is my snippet from TEST.receive's one?

!             Should it?  Or should my configuration not worry about that?  I
! just want to make sure I have everything set up correctly.

Well, if either works, you're in business.

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