Sten <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>       I didn't see anything in the FAQ that seemed to be relevant to 
>this, and the ORNL search engine wants to split 'message-id' into
>'message' and 'id'.

"message id" does the trick.

>       I just received a pair of messages from PayPal, which appears
>to be using qmail.  I'm fortunate to have received a pair of messages
>(headers below), because I use procmail to eliminate duplicate
>messages based upon the Message-ID header, which RFC 822 requires to
>be unique.  However, I'm a paranoid bastard, and shunt all "duplicate"
>email to a duplicates folder, rather than sending it to /dev/null, so
>I caught the false duplicate.

There's paranoia, and there's prudence. :-)

>My question is, is this a known problem
>with qmail, possibly a misconfiguration or something correctable by an
>upgrade?  I'd like to be able to tell PayPal more than "Your mailer is
>doing Bad Things.".

qmail's message ID's are of the form The 
only way you could get a duplicate would be if the same process ID is
reused twice within the same second (the resolution of the timestamp)
to send different messages to the same user.

That appears to be what happened in your case. I take it the messages
were different?

One fix would be to increase the resolution of the timestamp to, say,
the millisecond.

This is the first case of a duplicate message ID I've heard of under


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