try a telnet to port 25 of your linuxbox from a m$-client. if you get a connection 
type HELO DUDE and CR. you should see an answer
from your qmail server. if not, it may be possible, that your tcp-server is not 
listening at the local device.
IMHO tcp.smtp is responsible for relaying and therefor the errormessage should be a 
deferral and not a null.
and, btw what about reverse nameloockup (there my be a timeout). you may try the -R 
flag for tcpserver.

hope that helps
;) alexander

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> To: Qmail Users
> Subject: Qmail and non-Linux clients
> Hi,
> I have been using Qmail on Linux for a while. All the mail I send from
> Linux seem to get delivered to the destination SMTP server. On my local LAN
> I do have non-Linux systems. When I point the email clients the Linux system
> as the SMTP server, I am getting the following message:
> "An error occured while sending mail: SMTP server error
> The server responded
> (null)
> Contact your mail administrator for assistance"
> It looks like qmail-smtpd is dropping the connection. Do I have to make any changes
> to the tcp.smtp file? I have had the private LAN subnet in the tcp.smtp file.
> 192.168.2.:allow,RELAYCLIENT=""
> :allow
> Is there anything else that I am missing? I would like to use one local SMTP server
> for the Windows and OS/2 systems.
> Thank you in advance for any help.
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