On Thu, Aug 03, 2000 at 11:41:19AM +0800, Wayne Chu wrote:
> I installed ezmlm-0.53+ezmlm-idx-0.40.
> Patched qmail-qmqpc as instructed in qmail-qmqpc.tar.gz
> (I checked qmail-qmqpc.c,  it's patched.)
> Put a "DIR/qmqpservers" file in my list directory. 
> But ezmlm-send still uses qmail-queue instead of qmail-qmqpc 
> to deliver posts.  The QMQP support in ezmlm-idx-0.40 does not
> seem to work at all.

Try to add '-Q' into ezmlm-send invocation, for example

|/path/to/ezmlm-send -Q ...

Indeed this is undocumented (yet).


P.Y. Adi Prasaja

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