On Sat, Aug 05, 2000 at 04:46:12PM +0200, wolfgang zeikat wrote:
> i use qmail-autoresponder in .qmail-default to send a message back to
> senders who send to invalid users on our server.

hey, nice idea :) looks better than the standard qmail error message...

> now i would like to know a few things:
> - is it possible to include only like the first 50 KB of the original
> message? so that for example bigger attachments would simply get truncated
> to that size?
Isn't the subject (%S) enough ? Parsing the attachment wouldn't probably
a very easy thing (well, ezmlm can do it, but it's _bigger_ than qmail-autoresponder).

> - is it possible to exclude local users from the message limit of 1 per
> hour?
by including a test in your .qmail-default file, probably yes.
if (localuser)
qmail-autoresponder -n ...
qmail-autoresponder -n 1

(to be converted to shell script...)

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