Also sprach David Dyer-Bennet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on 05.08.2000:
      So if you want to do your own bounce with your own
      message, *please* take the trouble to do it in a common enough
      bounce format that most tools that handle bounces will be able to
figure it

what would be such a format?
"Returned Mail: User unknown" in the subject? or a MAILER-DAEMON
i hadnt thought about bounce handling tools yet, but rather about our
mostly german users here who tend to ignore automated bounces as "some
english error message i dont understand or dont care to understand" anyway.
      I may even have lost the original files that were attached
      by the time I see the bounce.

i see that point
      Furthermore, I may not realize that
      you've truncated the body, if it goes past the first few screens
good point, this could be indicated in the bounce tho.
      I do see not wanting to bounce 10 meg files; but how often does it
      happen, really?  

not very often. i had it happen with 90 meg tho, so i got careful here.


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