On Thu, Nov 09, 2000 at 04:18:29PM -0500, Dave Sill wrote:

> It borrows heavily from qmail (maildirs, extension addresses,
> modularity, delivery instructions) but adds a lot (DSN, filtering,
> IMAP, POP, webmail) and "fixes" things Sam thought qmail did wrong
> (single-RCPT delivery, always-send-8, licensing, no bouncing of local
> recipients during SMTP dialogue, not actively maintained).
> I've grabbed it, but I haven't installed it anywhere yet. I don't have 
> a lot of experience with Sam's code: procmail has always been good
> enough for me, and courier-imap was too functionally limited for the
> one IMAP installation I set up. The Courier web pages don't say much
> about security other than there are four setuid root modules.

I use Courier-IMAP alongside vpopmail (Courier-IMAP will authenticate
against vpop) and maildrop.  Both have impressed me with their stability
and logical design.  I have not used the complete MTA, though.

What did you find limited about the functionality of Courier-IMAP?


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