Ben Beuchler wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 09, 2000 at 04:18:29PM -0500, Dave Sill wrote:
> > It borrows heavily from qmail (maildirs, extension addresses,
> > modularity, delivery instructions) but adds a lot (DSN, filtering,
> > IMAP, POP, webmail) and "fixes" things Sam thought qmail did wrong
> > (single-RCPT delivery, always-send-8, licensing, no bouncing of local
> > recipients during SMTP dialogue, not actively maintained).
> >
> > I've grabbed it, but I haven't installed it anywhere yet. I don't have
> > a lot of experience with Sam's code: procmail has always been good
> > enough for me, and courier-imap was too functionally limited for the
> > one IMAP installation I set up. The Courier web pages don't say much
> > about security other than there are four setuid root modules.
> I use Courier-IMAP alongside vpopmail (Courier-IMAP will authenticate
> against vpop) and maildrop.  Both have impressed me with their stability
> and logical design.  I have not used the complete MTA, though.
> .
> .
> .

Hello people,

It's good to hear this talk among such users of qmail! I've been trying
Mr. Sam's code for some time now and we're using it alongside vpopmail
in our 5k virtualusers server. It's great.

I have not used the complete MTA also (maybe I'll try it when it get

But, I have one question:
Do you use maildrop with vpopmail? Could you get the quota system to
work on it? I had some problens on this and to make it able to bounce
msgs to non-existent accounts.

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