I am working through a few last minor issues, but Kaspersky Antivirus 
for Linux servers has a nice qmail integration piece.

http://www.kaspersky.com   (You'll want at least the August 1st 3.5 
build 136 version - mime problems with earlier versions)

Basically, you start the antivirus daemon, rename the original 
qmail-queue file, drop Kaspersky's qmail-queue in it's place. 
 qmail-smtpd passes inbound mail to the Kaspersky qmail-queue which 
performs the scan via the running daemon process, then passes off 
virus-free email to the original qmail-queue program.

Logging is to syslog, or a file, or both. You have options of emailing 
the offending users that they have sent infected email (most of these I 
am finding are getting bounced for all the obvious reasons). You can 
also send an administrative mail to your network admins to keep you up 
to date on incoming (or outgoing) email virus activity.

I am pretty happy with it. I'd be glad to comment more, show configs, or 
help in any way.. I just don't want to clog up the list on my first day 
here.  <grin>

Averroes wrote:

>Hi There,
>I am new in qmail and want to migrate qmail with security purposes
>but I want to know how to deal with virus, worms, etc.
>It is possible to configure qmail with some tools
>which check the contents of mail, attached docs, etc.
>All my server are Linux powered and all clients are Win2k.
>This is why of my mail.
>Docs, Tutorials, etc. will be helpful.
>In advance Thanks!
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