Bill Arlofski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am trying to understand the purpose of being able to set environment 
> variables like $TCPREMOTEHOST with tcpserver for incoming connections 
> (ie: using the -h option or -p 'paranoid' option to perform reverse DNS 
> lookups) and set or unset the $TCPREMOTEHOST variable based on DNS 
> information. when qmail-smtpd does not seem to care, or make any use of it.
> Is a shell script to be called in place of qmail-smtpd to check 
> environment variables, then pass control back onto qmail-smtpd?  

Yes.  Write a small wrapper that checks either for the presence of the
appropriate environment variable, or checks that the given variable is
non-empty, and either execs the rest of its commandline (if the variable
meets your criteria) or exits otherwise.  Then insert this wrapper in
the tcpserver commandline before qmail-smtpd.

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