Good Day,

Sorry for my bad english,
I'm in trouble when received from some domain, this our log from /var/log/qmail/send :

@40000000597abc6c0efab58c info msg 45904450: bytes 20506 from <> qp 29299 uid 89 @40000000597abc6c0f6b9414 starting delivery 1005: msg 45904450 to local
@40000000597abc6c0f6b9fcc status: local 1/10 remote 2/3
@40000000597abc6c0ff7556c delivery 1005: failure: mail_is_looping/
@40000000597abc6c0ff76124 status: local 0/10 remote 2/3
@40000000597abc6c1092d604 bounce msg 45904450 qp 29302

every mail from, always failure mail looping, what happened with my mailserver, any sugestion?


Agni Isador H

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