On 10/2/2018 7:34 PM, Andrew Swartz wrote:
1.  vpopmail (or something else) is NOW authenticating against the
cleartext password instead of the hash.
I don't think so, or I hope not. I've done nothing except compile vpopmail on CentOS 7 back in 2015 no patches. The only change, if I remember correctly, is MariaDB requirements rather the MySQL.

2.  vpopmail (or something else) is NOW truncating the password at 16
characters when it is set (i.e. hashed), but not during subsequent
I hope it's something else.

3.  mysql was storing something in the cleartext password field which it
did not export.  This seems unlikely, as I can see 16 characters and the
field type is "char(16)".  I went through the database export file, and
its contents appear the same as those of the running mysql database on
Centos5, which is the same as the running mariadb database on Centos7 (I
view the contents with WebMin).  Therefore it appears that the
backup/restore worked properly.
Maybe something worth my time: Bring up two qmail (w/vpopmail) VM's on COS5 and COS7.
Next, Create a domain and user entry on COS5 with >16 length password.
Dump the vpopmail db on COS5 (vpopmail-cos5db), and import it on COS7.
Dump the vpopmail db on COS7 (vpopmail-cos7db), and compare (diff) the two dumps. If they're the same it could possibly be an issue with the vpopmail program.

If you were up to it, you could also create a database called vpopmail1 on your COS7 machine, and import the COS5 vpopmail db into it (that way it doesn't mess with your regular vpopmail db), and
dump it and compare the two (COS5/COS7) dumps.

Does anyone know the details of how vpopmail interacts with the database
server?  Or if any authentication is done by some means other than
through vpopmail?
Interaction with db by vpopmail is done at compile time.

Eric Broch
White Horse Technical Consulting (WHTC)

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