1. Setup new server

2. Create a new domain ( vadddomain) and import the MySQL table of that domain 
from the old server. 

3. RSync the mail folder from the old to the new

rsync -arvz -e 'ssh -p 8022' –progress 

4. Change the DNS for domain1 to point to the new server.

5. Repeat for the other domains.


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Hi Friends,


Could anyone help me the server migration.


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Hi Folks,


I am planning to migrate email and web server from one machine to another 


I have installed qmailtoaster and  web server  on COS6.6 64 bit server machine.

And configure 4 domains email accounts, alias and 4 domain web server with 
virtual host.

I have installed letsencrypt self-signed certificate for email and web server 
on COS 6.6.4 machine.


I am planning to migrate the email and web server with https on COS 7 64 bit 
server latest version.

Could any one help me the steps for the new machine.


1. COS 7 latest version installation steps


2. Qmailtoaster installation steps


3. web server installation steps with virtual host


4. multiple domain, email accounts,alias migrate to new server(Backup and 


5. multiple domain websites migrate to new server


Appreciate any one help me.

Thanks in advance





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