Hi Eric,

I require to know how do I re-install qmailadmin package on installed qmail
server. Previously after modifying html css and c files, I used to
re-install qmailadmin package and check the modifications. But the way I
did install qmail is not working for qmailtoaster. The following steps I
did before

*cd /downloads/*

*tar zxvf qmailadmin-***.tar.gz*

*cd qmailadmin-****

*export LDFLAGS=-L/usr/lib64/mysql*

*./configure --enable-cgibindir=/var/www/cgi-bin
--enable-htmldir=/var/www/html --libdir=/usr/lib64/ --enable-modify-quota*

*make && make install-strip*

After that, I manually copy image and html files to respective directory. I
need to know this because I am trying modifying qmailadmin.


Best Regards
Muhammad Tahnan Al Anas

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