Dear All,


I would like to confirm the installation steps.

Whether I should follow as below:


1.      CentOS 7 Minimal Install -- See also, QMT/RHEL 8 Beta (new)
2.      QMT Install
3.      # curl -O &&
chmod 755 && ./ (automatic reboot)
4.      # ./
5.      # toaststat



Installation Instructions (pre-wiki)

1.      install CentOS minimal
2.      curl
ootstrap-1 >qt-bootstrap-1
3.      sh qt-bootstrap-1 (system will reboot)
4.      curl
ootstrap-2 >qt-bootstrap-2
5.      sh qt-bootstrap-2
6.      qt-install


I followed the second one but after "sh qt-bootstrap-2", I got the below


curl: (6) Could not resolve host:; Unknown error

error: skipping
.nodist.noarch.rpm - transfer failed

No package qmailtoaster-util available.


Should I follow the to install again?


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