This is probably a question for Eric B.

On the '' homepage, under CentOS 7 QMT Host, section 3, it offers three apparent alternatives -- a straight yum update, followed by yum update with 'qmt-testing' enabled, and yum update with 'qmt-devel' enabled. There are then four qmail versions described, one current, and three development.

My reading of this is that you get to pick one of these options, and if you choose the basic yum update, you get the qmail-1.03-2.1 install, if you use 'qmt-testing' you get qmail-1.03-2.1 but with updated versions of the supporting software, and if you choose 'qmt-devel', you get one of the versions listed as 'development repo'.

Is this more or less correct?

Which development version do you get if you choose 'qmt-devel'?

The qmail-1.03-3.1 repo is shown as having been installed at the end of September last year; has it proven stable enough that you'd recommend installing it in production?

Thanks in advance for any advice,


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