Has anyone been able to successfully run Roundcube with PHP7 on a QMT install?

I'm following -- more or less -- the install guidelines given on the qmailtoaster site.

When I have PHP 5.4 installed, I am able to log in and use Roundcube without problems.

When I have PHP7.2 or 7.3 installed, attempts to log in fail with the error message 'Invalid request! No data was saved.'

Does this sound familiar to anyone and, if so, how did you solve it?




Checking the logs at '/var/log/roundcubemail/errors' shows a slew of warning messages, most of which read:

PHP Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /usr/share/roundcubemail/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_plugin_api.php on line 406

Mixed in with those is a single instance of:
PHP Warning: session_start(): Failed to read session data: user (path: /var/lib/php/session) in /usr/share/roundcubemail/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_session.php on line 117

It looks to me as if Roundcube is trying and failing to find a plugin (or anything else) that implements the 'authenticate' hook. It's possible that that's not critical, and that it falls back to some core authentication method -- which is then failing because of a session-related issue.

Some other data points:

The directory '/var/lib/php/session' exists, and can be read and written by the 'apache' user.

The database parameters in '/etc/roundcubemail/config.inc.php' are able to connect to the database.

Session storage is set to 'db':

  $config['session_storage'] = 'db'

Changing this to 'php' does not resolve the issue.

Rainloop and Squirrelmail both run without problems on this host. Squirrelmail creates session records in '/var/lib/php/session' successfully.

Roundcube version is 1.1.12, and configuration files are taken directly from the qmailtoaster.com site.

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