Hi Eric / David.

My vpopmail.conf from fail2ban :

failregex = vchkpw-smtp: vpopmail user not found .*:<HOST>$
            vchkpw-smtps: vpopmail user not found .*:<HOST>$
            vchkpw-smtp: null password given .*:<HOST>$
            vchkpw-smtps: null password given .*:<HOST>$
            vchkpw-submission: null password given .*:<HOST>$
            vchkpw-submission: vpopmail user not found .*:<HOST>$
            vchkpw-submission: password fail .*:<HOST>$
            vchkpw-smtp: password fail .*:<HOST>$
            vchkpw-smtps: password fail .*:<HOST>$
            vchkpw-pop3: vpopmail user not found .*:<HOST>$

scanning the maillog
and it catches a lot of attempts.

Set find/ban time to Your likings


Den 22-04-2020 kl. 15:39 skrev Eric Broch:
Hi David,

I think you're on to something with fail2ban (keying off maillog). I was monitoring my smtps port (watching the certificate and encryption scroll by) using /usr/bin/recordio and /var/log/maillog and found that the bad guys are trying to login. Here are some failures from maillog:

vchkpw-smtps: vpopmail user not found testforu...@whitehorsetc.com:

vchkpw-smtps: password fail (pass: 'somepassword') someu...@whitehorsetc.com:

Maybe a fail2ban rule?!


On 4/18/2020 4:12 AM, David Bray wrote:
Hi thanks - yes can block that IP
But it’s not just one, and the solution is not fine enough
I want more of a fail2ban rule, bad use bad pass 3 strikes your out

I need to know they are mucking round.

I tried sending myself through the port with a bad password- sure it blocks it, but there is no log of the event - it looks like a legit, connection from Ann IP

On Sat, 18 Apr 2020 at 7:30 pm, Chris <boh...@gmail.com <mailto:boh...@gmail.com>> wrote:

    Here's a great article with instructions on how to implement an IP
    blacklist in iptables. Unless you've got a user in Panama, it
    looks like you's want to block


    On Sat, Apr 18, 2020 at 5:49 PM David Bray <da...@brayworth.com.au
    <mailto:da...@brayworth.com.au>> wrote:

        sure - thanks for replying, this comes in waves taking the
        server to it's maximum at times

        as far as I can see this only logs are this:

        ==> /var/log/qmail/smtps/current <==
        2020-04-18 05:04:48.450871500 tcpserver: status: 6/60
        2020-04-18 05:04:48.480785500 tcpserver: pid 13339 from
        2020-04-18 05:04:48.480787500 tcpserver: ok 13339
        dev.brayworth.com: :
        2020-04-18 05:04:52.797644500 tcpserver: status: 7/60
        2020-04-18 05:04:52.830767500 tcpserver: pid 13340 from
        2020-04-18 05:04:52.830768500 tcpserver: ok 13340
        dev.brayworth.com: :
        2020-04-18 05:04:57.248902500 tcpserver: status: 8/60
        2020-04-18 05:04:57.304003500 tcpserver: pid 13342 from
        2020-04-18 05:04:57.304006500 tcpserver: ok 13342
        dev.brayworth.com: :
        2020-04-18 05:05:01.854790500 tcpserver: status: 9/60
        2020-04-18 05:05:01.902265500 tcpserver: pid 13345 from
        2020-04-18 05:05:01.902266500 tcpserver: ok 13345
        dev.brayworth.com: :
        2020-04-18 05:05:09.729711500 tcpserver: end 13338 status 256
        2020-04-18 05:05:09.729713500 tcpserver: status: 8/60
        2020-04-18 05:06:05.965715500 tcpserver: end 13342 status 256
        2020-04-18 05:06:05.965716500 tcpserver: status: 7/60
        2020-04-18 05:06:06.141272500 tcpserver: end 13340 status 256
        2020-04-18 05:06:06.141273500 tcpserver: status: 6/60

        David Bray
        0418 745334
        2 ∞ & <

        On Sat, 18 Apr 2020 at 15:41, Eric Broch
        <ebr...@whitehorsetc.com <mailto:ebr...@whitehorsetc.com>> wrote:

            Can you send the log of one of the "bad" connections?

            On 4/17/2020 10:59 PM, David Bray wrote:

            I can see I'm getting hammered on my smtps port

            How can I mitigate this?

            I can see the IP's in /var/log/qmail/smtps/current

            *but where do I actually see that the smtp auth actually
            fails ?*

            or do I need to increase the logging somewhere ?

            if I tail -f /var/log/dovecot.log

            I can see the imap and pop failures

            thanks in advance

            David Bray
            0418 745334
            2 ∞ & <

# David

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