oops a little typo

Value 12.00 is simcontrol of course :)

On 9/1/22 15:41, Philip Nix Guru wrote:

I wanted to try an "automatic" new installation

beside a few config that look really awkward, system is running

But I was wondering on the different scanners scores

quickly checking logs

I saw this :

[00]2022-09-01 15:12:35.959906500 simscan:[379981]:CLEAN (0.20/12.00):4.3762s:Re_ Call procmail after sieve: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [00]2022-09-01 15:12:36.264850500 simscan:[379981]:CLEAN (4.39/15.00):4.6811s:Re_ Call procmail after sieve: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [00]2022-09-01 15:12:36.859406500 simscan:[379981]:CLEAN (0.0000/0.9899):5.2757s:Re_ Call procmail after sieve:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

the scanning times are totally wrong , no idea why though yet

Value 12.00 is from tcp.smtp

Value 15.00 is defined where ?

Value 0.9899 is Dspam ? and defined where

Regarding dspam, where are the debug/general logs

I saw logs in /var/lib/dspam but even with debug enabled, I can't see the debug log

before tweaking like on my other custom systems I wanted to find out those few things on an automatic toaster install


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