Hi Eric,
Hil List,

I found part of the issue:
KB5018410 is it. Microsoft is aware of the problem, Ih hope they find somtething to remediate.

I have ngrep on the server and tested, I cannot see any connection attempts from the client-ip. Strange thing is, this afternoon it happened to some clients to get some email out, later they called back because it stopped working.

Thank you very much for your troubleshooting, but if Microsoft fails...


Am 25.10.22 um 15:26 schrieb Eric Broch:
I've asked this before about this problem. Is it possible to use tcpdump to see if outlook is even connecting to the server.

On 10/24/2022 10:52 PM, Andreas wrote:
Hi Eric,
no, there is nothing in /var/log/qmail/submission/current from this ip


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