How do you add/set and arbitrary property to a qscintilla object?

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From: Phil Thompson <>
Date: 4/11/18 01:16 (GMT-08:00)
To: Scott Bloom <>
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Subject: Re: [QScintilla] Missing functionality from SciTE

On 11 Apr 2018, at 1:10 am, Scott Bloom <> wrote:
> Looking at the scintilla example app SciTE some of the functionality has been 
> brought over to QScintilla, however Im looking for the commenting 
> functionality, which has not been brought over.
> Unfortunately, it seems to rely on properties that are not set for the lexers 
> in the QScintilla.
> For instance, “Block Commenting or Uncommenting” gets the characters to use 
> from the property “comment.block.cpp” which is not set, as QScintilla relies 
> on the base LexCPP.cpp for comment analysis.
> Maybe Im trying to hard, but it should be possible to do.
> Thoughts?

QScintilla is not a port of SciTE, although there are features in common. As 
SciTE will use the low-level Scintilla API it should be possible to implement 
anything in a QScintilla based editor that is implemented in SciTE.

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