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> 12.03.2018, 15:46, "Orgad Shaneh" <org...@gmail.com>:
>> On Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 1:38 PM, Sree Gowtham Josyula 
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>>> Hi André & Everyone,
>>> Thanks for showing interest in my suggestion. QTCREATORBUG-16246 is
>>> indeed almost like what I had intended in my previous mail.
>>>> * Would it be enough to have the files on a network share instead of 
>>>> rsync'ing them?
>>>> * Is it really needed to have Clang running on the remote machine? Would 
>>>> it be enough to have access to the included headers on remote?
>>> I think Network share you suggest is a good idea. It solves both of
>>> the above issues. With network sharing, we wouldn't need rsync and we
>>> wouldn't need to run clang on remote machine.
>>> I will refine my initial proposal and put forth a more detailed
>>> proposal considering your suggestions and more use-cases asap.
>>> If you have any other thoughts and suggestions, kindly let me know.
>> Hi,
>> I strongly suggest not to use network share. We tried that several years ago 
>> (with SMB), and it was awful. Parsing takes forever over the network. 
>> Working locally and using rsync before build works much better (once you 
>> have ssh keys set up).
>> We have a local partial copy of the sysroot, which includes the include 
>> directory, and the shared libraries that are linked with our application 
>> (for each platform we support).
> Why not to go further and get full copy and toolchain locally?

Network share would in a proper setup be the local disk of the compilation 

Also, one cannot copy locally the toolchain if the server is different OS, 
unless a cross compilation environment is setup, which in itself is a major 
piece of work.

I’d prefer rsync though, as it would be easier to setup the ports/ firewalls 
etc., plus it would be faster than the network share.   In my hypothetical 
use-case the compilation server is often in a different country, and VPN would 
be the only feasible network share setup.

Just my 2 cents,

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