Sometimes Im in a chair, sometimes not.........but Im always fighting or cant 
keep up. something is always wrong even if a chair isn't involved.

    On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 9:22 AM, greg <> wrote:

 <!--#yiv5314573820 body{font-family:'Arial';font-size:14pt;}#yiv5314573820 
p{display:block;margin:0.00in;}#yiv5314573820 body{}-->When you dream, are you 
paralyzed, walking, or both? I go back and forth. I'd say:50% of my dreams I 
walk.25% of the time I'm in my chair.25% of the time I'm both. Like I'm in my 
chair, but I can get up and walk, but its very hard and I strugle. Like I'm 
paralyzed, but I get up and strugle to get up to go to the bathroom. Very wierd 
feeling. Greg


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