I too had a pressure sore and the wound Doc said to keep  off it. I spent 6 
months in bed and only got up once a week to go to  the wound Doc. It 
finally did heal and I am back in my chair with a Roho cushion  all the time.  
sure and eat plenty of protein. I did not want to stay in  bed either BUT 
the sore did heal,   Rose
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i have a sore starting  near my tailbone thats having trouble healing 
because im always on it.
My wound doc says i have  to relive the pressure at times by shifting my 
hips side to side.
Even when im sleeping on  my back i have to do that.
He said about a wedge. I  looked online but i think before i order one.
Can you guys please give  me some advice on what you use or used.
Thanks  alot.

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