Hi All,

I have an arthritic shoulder for some years. I've taken a few bad falls onto this shoulder (sadly, it's the right shoulder and I'm right-handed). I've been getting quarterly pain shots for awhile, but in the past three months, the shoulder has degraded even further. Not only do I have no cartilage left in the shoulder, now I also have bone spurs. My range of motion without the pain shots is completely gone. I have what is called an encapsulated or "frozen" shoulder. The pain has gotten so bad I have to take nausea medication when it's at its worst.

I am a C3-7 incomplete "walking quad," and fortunately do not need to use a wheelchair all the time.

The shoulder has gotten so bad I can't even lift a gallon plastic jug of bleach. There is just no strength left.

Does anyone have any information, experience, advice, etc. for me?



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