I have problems with this occasionally, especially after I eat or first get
seated in the chair. It's definitely not good to have this low. It's hard
on your heart and your kidneys, not to mention all of the other internal

Just FYI, if you can't get a reading sitting up, try tilting back as far as
you can in the wheelchair or in bed and see if you get one. If it's low,
then you might need to talk to a physician about whether it's beneficial to
take medication to raise it. They have me taking medication part of the
day, but when I get into bed I have pain issues which elevates my blood
pressure. So it's a bit of a seesaw as well as a balancing act.


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> Yes, most quads range very low in blood pressure.....mine is the same as
> you guys and have had times they can't even get a reading also.  Dan H***
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> jume9...@comcast.net> wrote:
> My blood pressure is very like yours Bobbie all the time. They sometimes
> can't even get a reading.
> Meredith
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