Yes Bobbie I have been lower, but I take my blood pressure pretty regularly
and it gets quite often. I, however, take midodrine as well as drink
Mountain Dew in order to try to keep it from dipping too low anymore. I try
to keep mine at around 80/50 or above, but sometimes when I sit up after
eating or when I first get up, it will dip into the 50s over the 30s.

If you were that low and didn't feel the effects, that could mean that your
running pretty low most of the time.

I was admitted to the hospital a couple of different times and it wasn't
until I saw that I hadn't urinated more than 5 mL in four hours that I
realize how dangerous the low blood pressure can be. They explained to me
that your organs shut down when the blood pressure gets too low and it can
cause lasting effects if this happens too often or too much. I ended up
spending two weeks in the hospital a couple of years ago to see if they
could determine why my blood pressure fluctuates between extremely high and
exceedingly low. The specialist decided they would rather it be slightly
high than too low. Therefore I take quite a bit of midodrine often on.

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> I went to the Doctors today and my BP was 54 over 48
> Anybody else have low BP?
> Bobbie
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