Yes when you set up the Logitech Harmony activities you will also choose what input it uses. you need to add the Harmony skill to Alexa then set up all your Hamony activities. I recommend  using simple names but make sure they sound different enough so that alexa wont get confused.

Creating an activity for it with your Logitech harmony:

and you will also need to add the Harmony skill to Alexa from:

How to setup your Roku as well:

More pages regarding the activity setup process:

Let me know if you need more help


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Subject: Re: [QUAD-L] tv hub
From: "glenn henry" <>
Date: Fri, February 02, 2018 12:49 pm
To: "Danny Espinoza" <>

good afternoon,

I am writing to you about your post on the quad site. I am in the processof researching the harmony hub and integrating it with my Alexa.

The main question that I have, will the harmony hub switch from the source "TV" to an HDMI port Then back again. When we wish to watch hulu, we first take the television remote and switch the source to HDMI3, then after watching our programs navigating with my Roku remote control, take the television remote and switch back to "TV".

Fromwhat I understand it should be able to do this. I do not have a smart TV, just a plain flatscreen.

Good you email me at I keep the Gmail address for the quad site. When all the postings come through AOL, AOL will kick you off.


Glenn Henry

On Tue, Jan 30, 2018 at 4:28 AM, Danny Espinoza <> wrote:
In my setup, I have a Logitech Harmony remote and Hub and Amazons Alexa. The Logitech hub ‘by itself since it includes an IR blaster with it.
The steps I took to set it up were:
1, plug it all in
2, Download the Harmony software, install it and then run it and click set up a new hub. perform a scan and the hub should pop up.
3, Add it to your Logitech/harmony account and then click on it and name it and add the devices to it "TV, Cable box, DVD player, Blu-ray, etc...
4, Now we need to add the harmony hub to Alexa
5, Add skill harmony from here:
6, configure the Logitech hub with either the smartphone app or USB you can connect it to a phone or a PC once you have installed the Harmony phone app or the PC software and don’t forget to point IR blaster towards the TV.
Things you could to get Smart TV-like features as I’m pretty sure you all know are:
1,  AppleTV 4Kcomparison so can decide which to buy easier although the newer and faster 4k with HDR version is just $30 more with all the new specs”
2, FireTV
3,  Roku-TV

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Subject: [QUAD-L] tv hub
From: "glenn henry" <>
Date: Mon, January 29, 2018 12:25 pm
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Does anyone use a hub to change your tv source from tv to hdmi?
I need to use the remote, not smart tv, to make the change and don't want to buy a smart tv.

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