I don't know who to belive anymore.  I got people on one side telling me it
won't work, people telling me it *could* work, people telling me it will
definetly work, and one guy that gave me a guarantee and warantee on it that
it will work


I guess we'll all just have to wait in suspense until it comes in.

 ------ From: Quadlist, Sun, Dec 22, 2002 ------ 

At 21:49 -0500 on 22/12/02, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

>    The QuadDoubler WILL NOT WORK in a Quadra 800.  The QuadDoubler doubles
>the bus speed of the computer it is installed in.  That would run it at 66MHz
>in the Quadra 800.  That just wont happen.  The only way to get it to work is
>to decrease the bus speed or seriously cool it (66MHz could probably use some
>water cooling).  Decreasing the bus speed would decrease performance.  The

There's no way in hell you'll ever get a 40 MHz part working at 66 MHz with
water cooling.  You *might* get it working *a little bit* with liquid N2.

>board they are sending you is most likely a Centris 650, which runs at 25MHz
>but is very similar to a Quadra 800 board.

You could downclock the Q800 board pretty easily...

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