Greetings friends;

I just wanted to check in with y'all and ask about applescript.

I have never used it and would like to know some details about
how it works.

If possible, I'd like to pull some data from a chat program
(Ircle) and then "trim" the data down into something I can keep
track of.  I have used BBedit to do some of it manually so far,
but at this point am interested in knowing how applescript works
so that I could carry out the same things in an automated fashion.

I don't know if this is how applescript works, but I'd like to
take some text info...and strip out extraneous data into a shorter,
more readable form.  Here is a dummied up example of my starting

12:39:56 AM: *** Moneybags was (DeanneK.)
12:39:57 AM: *** Moneybags is on IRC via server (Wed 
Dec 25 15:51:27 2002)
12:39:57 AM: *** Drmweaver was (CalJ)
12:39:57 AM: *** Drmweaver is on IRC via server (Wed 
Dec 25 15:50:19 2002)
12:39:57 AM: *** Al was (Alkent)
12:39:57 AM: *** Al is on IRC via server (Wed Dec 25 
15:06:44 2002)
12:39:57 AM: *** Goose was Joe@.kabel.freenet.usa (JoJo)
12:39:57 AM: *** Goose is on IRC via server (Wed Dec 25 
11:47:08 2002)


Now, here is what I'd like to have left when I get done
cleaning the data up...

Moneybags (Wed Dec 25 15:51:27 2002)
Drmweaver (Wed Dec 25 15:50:19 2002)
Al        (Wed Dec 25 15:06:44 2002)
Goose     (Wed Dec 25 11:47:08 2002)

If someone on list is able to tell me for certain that this
is or is not doable in a reasonable fashion, it would help
greatly.  I would like to run this script often to keep track
of the chatroom traffic for the (defined set of) visitors who
frequent the channel.

Even better would be if someone could walk me through setting
up the script if indeed it is doable.

I believe BBEdit is scriptable, but I am utterly unfamiliar with
how applescript works so I'd be starting from zero.


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