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>Greetings friends;
>I just wanted to check in with y'all and ask about applescript.
>I have never used it and would like to know some details about
>how it works.


You ask a lot of detailed questions and the short answer is "Applescript 
may be able to do what you want."

However, Applescript is a programming language, so that is like saying 
"Basic may be able to do what you want."

It depends on a couple of things. First, the "scriptability" of the 
application in which you are trying to accomplish the task. Mac 
applications have certain functions "built in" that may be accessible via 
Applescript. Some are very rudementary (open, close, print) and others 
are extensive, allowing you to do almost anything you are clever enough 
to develop.

What you are asking for is essentially a text (or "string") manipulation. 
Most text processors will have this capability via Applescript.

I found that the best way to understand the basics of Applescript is to 
"pick apart" scripts built by others and figure out ways to change their 
behavior. The same way I learned the basics of Basic (?? redundant) with 
my first Apple ][.

In short, if you can do some programming, you can probably do 
Applescript. It has some peculiar syntax, but what programming language 

Learning keeps the grey matter from turning to stone!


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